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Welcome to Huckleberry, your Niagara based building controls and automation

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Controls Structure & Architecture


Your operations, needs, and equipment are unique to your organization; so too should be your controls structure and architecture.  We will help you optimize how everything can most efficiently and effectively work together to support your operations.

Controls/Automation Equipment


We can work with whatever systems and software you prefer; however, if you want an open-source platform that you can have ultimate control over, we can turnkey a Niagara-based BACnet solution to do so.  With these industry proven and leading components, including SkySpark analytics and fault  detection, ours is referred to as "Huckleberry."

Fault Detection and Management


We will empower your personnel with the automatic fault detection and key performance indicators that are important to your facility and profitability.  

On-Going Energy Management


Often referred to as continuous and/or remote-based Commissioning, our team can support yours with continuous oversight and management support of your facility. The staff augmentation you need, when you need it.  All with the regular and key reporting that is important and useful to your organization's success.

Performance Based Solutions


In some cases where energy efficiency is a primary objective (as compared to some clients for whom incremental measures to ensure resilience and redundancy is needed), ask us about our performance-based services whereby our compensation is contingent on the measured and verified savings that we create for your organization.

Next Steps


The best answers to your questions will likely be achieved following a visit to your facility to better understand your objectives and operations.  This first visit is always free.  We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you!   Call us at 850.222.5683 to schedule an appointment.