• Essential Data
  • Financial Awareness
  • Equipment Performance
  • Sustainability Reports

Measure, manage and optimize facility, energy and environmental efforts all in one open-source platform.

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Huckleberry Dashboards

Enable better facility and equipment performance

The Huckleberry platform provides the insight and measurement for better building management. Empower your personnel with an open-sourced solution, allowing complete compatibility with your existing hardware, databases, software, and qualified service providers. You are never beholden to our platform, proprietary technologies, or third party service providers.

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Convert your static utility bills to actionable data

Every organization needs to measure, trend, and analyze their monthly utility costs and consumption. Huckleberry automates this process for greater understanding and improvement of performance baselines.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Automate fault detection, optimize performance and reduce expenses

Our real-time fault detection analytics are like having field engineers constantly assessing the performance of your equipment.

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  • Open-Source Platform
  • Non-Proprietary Architecture
  • Client-Controlled Database Centralization
  • Cloud-based (AWS) or Local-based


  • Measurement & Verification of Financial Performance (IPMVP Compliant)
  • Utility Cost Baseline Comparison Reports
  • Automated Weather and Custom Milestone Normalization
  • Utility Bill Management, Reporting, and Analytics


  • Carbon, Water, and Waste Tracking
  • ESG and Sustainability Reporting
  • Real Time Energy Competition Modules
  • Occupant and Customer Engagement

Facility Management

  • Remote Equipment Monitoring, Control, and Analytics
  • Customized Reports and Alert Notifications
  • Equipment Performance and Maintenance Tracking
  • 3D Virtual Imagery of Equipment and Facilities

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